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Stinging Changes

As we enter fall and the end of the year, we also enter Scorpio season. The one thing that resonates most with me is the word transformation. One of the reasons I love to study and utilize astrology is because it gives the planets around us, some pretty cool and accurate attributes. It’s just anotherContinue reading “Stinging Changes”

Cleansing Tears

In honor of fiery Aries season, I felt that a blog post about anger was appropriate and timely! If you ask my friends and family to describe me, angry is not one of the first words they use. It’s usually the opposite! I’m sweet, caring and warm. But anger was always something I struggled withContinue reading “Cleansing Tears”

Restored and Inspired

Starting off this new week with a negative test result, and my soul feels like it can breathe! This experience was truly something I will never forget. I’ve watched how this pandemic has garnered a paradoxical wave of divided sentiments, panic-riddled and nonchalant reactions, leaving the afflicted persons with so many contradicting emotions and choicesContinue reading “Restored and Inspired”

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, I just wanted to share a few quotes that I read from my 2021 planner. Have a beautiful Monday and week, my beautiful readers. 💜

Sick and Tired

I found out I was sick and I was a mess that day! I had lost my sense of smell the night before (Sunday, the 21st of February) and I had an internal mini panic attack because I just knew I would test positive for COVID-19. That next day, a rapid test confirmed my fearContinue reading “Sick and Tired”

Willful Promises

Since I was forced to be in quarantine for 10 days, I took some time to clean my house. It has been hard being locked inside, but it has also served such a powerful purpose in my life for realignment and resetting the scene. I found my college Senior project, and wanted to share itContinue reading “Willful Promises”

White Lies

I know, I know…. they were just tiny little white lies. But they piled up over the years, and now it’s too much, so I have to come clean. It’s so embarrassing. I don’t want to be a liar. So… why have I been lying by omission? Well… for many reasons. I was conditioned toContinue reading “White Lies”

Step Inside

For winter this year, I decided to step away from social media and instead write an excerpt on my blog every month, if I could help it. Just for me! I decided that I want and need to check-in with myself and talk myself through my feelings, my thoughts, my life, and my goals untilContinue reading “Step Inside”


For a too long I navigated life with lenses of anger, resentment, and fear. I was afraid of love, and quite honestly, just didn’t know how to accept genuine kindness and affection. I was treated like sh*t a lot in my life, so I really believed that to be true. Part of it was outContinue reading “#TraumaTalk”