Golden Peace

Something about the end of the year brings a sense of peace and action into the atmosphere. Families and friends gather to celebrate the holidays, workplaces are busy and also festive, and the cold brisk nights brings people together to seek warmth and comfort. 

It’s also Sagittarius season! The optimistic, scholarly and enthusiastic centaurs have come out to play, so there is a light and bright energy coming through to pump the energy back up. After the intense transformation of the Scorpio season, this joyful time is needed. 

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This year, though, things feel different. Ever since the pandemic, things have really become so internal and personal, which is good in many ways! It might feel lonely, and truly in a lot of ways it is. But I believe that solitude for a season does the spirit well!

I’m a native NY LI’er and even though I spent most of my days on the island, I would always venture into the city for adventures and fun. I cannot believe that in early 2020 and before, we would really be so close to one another. The subways were notoriously crowded and bunched together, and the idea of personal space was so far fetched. But today, walking through NYC feels spacious oddly!

As hard as it was to adjust, I personally appreciated the personal space that the pandemic forced. There were so many cons that burdened us as a society that came with the pandemic. But I did my best to find as many pros as I could to bring balance to the chaos of our new reality, in true Sagittarius form. I come from a pretty decent sized family, so boundaries and personal space felt like a luxury most times.

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I do miss the carefree nature we used to have, unafraid of the cold and flu season; yet in the same breath, I feel relief that boundaries are a common thing now. 

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I have always felt a common thread that was woven through everyone, where community was the driving force for so many of our daily decisions. But as we were separated from our loved ones in fear, I think we learned to find comfort in our own selves and bodies. 

Solitude has a powerful way of teaching you life’s lessons, so that you learn them and never forget them. I believe that solitude and silence are deep forms of meditation that we often need, but label as unimportant or unnecessary in some cases. But I have found that meditation, solitude and silence are the cornerstone of my mental health these days.

We are always expected to have a response, or an answer to a question. But sometimes, we simply do not have anything to say, or we shouldn’t!

Pause before you react.

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That quote was PIVOTAL for me this year. I spent the first quarter of my life being a little ticking time bomb, reacting and making waves over everything. But as time has progressed, and I get closer to my 30’s (saturn return), I find silence to be my most favorable tool. 

Silence and reflection keep me grounded. I used to think I needed to let it be known how I felt, because in some way, that confrontation would validate that emotion for me. But now I KNOW, only I validate my emotions, and not everything needs to be spoken on in that moment. 

I do believe and love talking things out, because I love open and fluid communication. But not everything requires a response immediately or at all. Some things are truly better left unspoken. It’s pertinent for your peace. Peace is gold.

As we enter this refreshing season of optimism, reflect on your needs, embrace the adventures, savor in the festivities, and spend some time with yourself. May this Sagittarius/end of the year season bring you fortune, blessings, and so much joy internally.

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Love eternally, Daniposa. 

Sick and Tired

I found out I was sick and I was a mess that day! I had lost my sense of smell the night before (Sunday, the 21st of February) and I had an internal mini panic attack because I just knew I would test positive for COVID-19.

That next day, a rapid test confirmed my fear to be true. I cried the entire day, and fell into a quick spiral of fear and sadness, triggered by the memories of my own experiences with losing a loved one to the virus. But I thank God for my beautiful family and tribe for nursing me back to health during one of my most vulnerable moments. My parents cooked and brought soups and essentials to help strengthen me. My sisters showered me with teas, natural remedies, and supplements that literally built up my nervous and immune systems. And my brothers kept me hydrated and snacked up so I would be strong. I didn’t expect the outpour of love and covering that I received, but I am humbled and grateful forever. I don’t believe I would have recovered as quickly or as well as I did without my people. It was all of their support that brought me back to health so quickly.

I’m on day 8 of my quarantine and feel 90% back to myself. My personal experience with the virus was like a really bad sinus and body cold. I had such a terrible headache the Friday before I got tested, and was struggling to sleep the whole weekend. I was feeling stuffy and more fatigued, but I thought that it was just the snow. I always get sick when the weather flip-flops from hot to cold. If you’re from New York, you know we have 10000000 different seasons in one day! So catching a cold is not a rare sighting during this season. But one thing I did feel that was wiping me OUT was the loss of smell and nasal pain. It was like my nose was just dry and almost naked, with my nerve endings exposed. It was a desert. It felt so exposed, but also so useless at the same time. It was a painful paradox. I am grateful I didn’t lose my taste though! Because that would have been so depressing. But it was still so peculiar not being able to smell anything. I am still clearing out all the mucus in my chest and throat but it’s clearing up day-by-day. Two more days and I will get retested for work in-person clearance. I’ve definitely enjoyed the time at home, but I do miss being at work and look forward to being at the office again.

If this has taught me anything, it’s to stop playing with my health. A lot of people I know from different areas of the state tested positive around the same time that I did, so I knew that we were all affected by a wave. Regardless, it definitely scared me into taking care of myself. I am sad that it took for this for me to finally put my health first; nonetheless, MESSAGE RECEIVED and actions taken! Plus I now have first hand experience and antibodies! And I am grateful to be recovering fully, by the grace of God and support of my soul tribe.

What I Used to Heal & Build Up My Immune System:

My friends and family all had great suggestions for building up my immune system and health. I used some of the following methods that really helped and wanted to share with anyone afflicted looking for more holistic methods of healing. I do urge you to please do your research and make sure these remedies don’t interfere with any allergies or preexisting medical conditions, if you do want to try them.

– Sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep!

– Sea Moss (liquid or powder form)

– Elderberry (berries tea, vitamins, gummy vitamins, syrup)

– Breathe Easy, Throat Coat, Gypsy Cold Care Teas

– Respiratory steam: eucalyptus leaves, mint/eucalyptus oil, fresh sliced citrus fruits (orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit), menthol crystals, cinnamon sticks, and fresh lavender herbs and dried citrus peels. Put all ingredients in a pot in water and let brew until boiling, then turn off flame and remove pot from stove and then steam face at safe distance with towel over head for 15 minutes. (Courtesy of Imani Cohen, @thehoodhealer)

– Fresh soups and WHOLE foods (I cannot stress this enough: eat as healthy as possible! Give your body a chance to build itself up and choose foods that will help your body, and not harm it. Food is medicine! Don’t let medicine become your food. Prevention is always better than cure!)

– Ginger, lemon, honey tea

– Lime, 1 tbsp baking soda, water. Boil and then drink every 30 mins until finished with pot.

– Fresh ginger root, lemon, garlic, and onion. Place all chopped ingredients in pot and boil. Once boiling, turn off flame and drink just the tea every 30 mins until finished with pot.

I am praying for all people affected by this virus. Last year in April, my family experienced the devastating loss of my aunt Rosibel, due to COVID. I miss my aunt so much. 💔 The (1) one-year anniversary of her transition is coming up soon and it’s just not the same without her. 🤍 I’m so grateful for the time we had, and pray for her immediate family, that God allows them to feel her presence ALWAYS, as they are comforted by the Spirit. 🙏🏽🤍 I pray for all families that are reflecting on the scary and traumatizing times we faced (1) one year ago at the start of this pandemic. It’s so mind-boggling to me that it’s almost 1 year from when we shut down as a country and nation and faced a pandemic together. A year later, and we are still being affected. Stay safe, healthy, and mentally strong. Hold close to your loved ones, and remember to always put your health first!

I’m so grateful for surviving this experience, and even more grateful for recovery and healing. Happy March, my beautiful readers!

Love eternally, Daniposa.