Restored and Inspired

Starting off this new week with a negative test result, and my soul feels like it can breathe! This experience was truly something I will never forget.

I’ve watched how this pandemic has garnered a paradoxical wave of divided sentiments, panic-riddled and nonchalant reactions, leaving the afflicted persons with so many contradicting emotions and choices of response and treatment. I’ve watched social media platforms like Instagram take down posts SUGGESTING holistic remedies that people have used that succeeded in helping them during their personal experience with the virus! Instead, we’re recycling old remedies with western medicines that treat only the symptoms (same as the holistic medicine, if you ask me). It felt unfair to be fed the same medicinal methods used for the common cold, with the denial of anything else being shared saying otherwise on these platforms! I felt so lost, so uninformed, and to top it all off, I had different experiences each medical visit. I was even told that you should not re-test if you tested positive for at least 90 days because you could test positive, but you’re not infectious anymore so you can go back to work.


In my personal experience, I have discovered that you just have to know your own health and operate from that knowledge. If holistic measures are your preferred method, then go with that. If you find that your body responds to OTC medicines and methods, then go with that. I personally have seen and felt a tremendous difference in my body in response to holistic medicinal methods. It’s definitely a slower and longer process, but it works long-term at maintaining your health, which is my ultimate personal health goal.

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This quarantine offered me the opportunity to really clean house in so many ways: literally, physically, mentally and emotionally. The American workdays of 9AM-5PM don’t always allow the space for that type of development. Being home for 2 weeks allowed me the space to do things I have been trying to accomplish for months, and even years. I felt free and so much more energized because I was able to tackle so many important things. I come from a HARD-working family of Salvadoran immigrants that don’t know how to take breaks because they simply cannot. It’s always about survival.

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But I learned something new about myself during my quarantine. I can definitely operate in that way, and I have so many skills that I learned from living in survival-mode that kept me safe and alive for a long time. I am grateful for what survival taught me. But I learned that I cannot thrive with that mentality, or with that behavior after I no longer need to operate in survival-mode.

It’s really hard when you live paycheck-to-paycheck, not sure if you will have enough for rent, bills, and good quality food, all while living under questionable conditions.

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You have no other options in those moments. But I am blessed to be in better conditions now, with the ability to relax more! It’s still not easy, especially during hard times like these, but I am still so blessed and have found so much comfort in the quality of the life I do have.

But that’s the thing, I had to create that quality. It was all in my mentality. To me, poverty is spiritual deficit, not so much financial deficit. (This of course is not to discredit anyone’s experience with poverty, but a different perspective on the vocabulary.) One thing I am grateful for is the humility I acquired in witnessing the life of my family in El Salvador.

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The difference of technology all-around was like night and day. Some areas were so rural that they needed to create water wells in their backyards for a water source, with outdoor hut fire-pit kitchens, linens hand-washed in the nearby rivers, hanging on handmade clotheslines. It was truly such a difference to the life I have here in New York. But the spirit of the community was so high and so warm, as we sat by the fire pits and grabbed coconuts off the trees to help wash down the rabbit and iguana that was cooked (which they caught earlier that day). It was different and definitely helped me to see how the earth and land provided everything that was needed. It was no easy life but I felt like I could REST, regardless of the circumstances because I still had food, shelter, and community! Conditions weren’t the best, BUT my family made the best out of what they were given, and they found time to rest and enjoy even under what most describe as bad conditions and circumstances.

I found so much joy in that moment, and it popped up again for me one day as a beautiful reminder to be grateful for what I have, to make the best of what I have every day. So I decided to drop the mentality that I couldn’t rest, because my family made time even in times of financial poverty. The spirit never took a hit, because it adjusted and found gratitude and rest in those moments.

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Rest is NECESSARY. The beautiful thing about it, to me, is that it comes in so many shapes and forms. Rest can be as simple as sleeping, or it can be as complicated as doing a full wellness routine. Rest is simply doing something for YOU! Rest is all about your needs and giving yourself an opportunity to recenter and realign yourself to your best self. Rest is not only for your body. It is ESSENTIAL for your spirit.

Today, take some time to reflect on how you can rest on a daily, because you need it and deserve it. Rest needs to be made a priority the same way water and food are priorities. Redefine rest for yourself and don’t be afraid to apply it now! You deserve it. 💜

Have a good day, beautiful readers. Love always, Daniposa. 🥰

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